POP! go the garden chairs

Full disclosure: I did not make these, my super creative sister Sally did.

My sister Sally is an amazing craftsperson. She makes tons of stuff, all of it cool. Here is the wire basket she made me during her wire phase to hold sponges and other sink-related items:

wire sponge holder
Sally made this for me during her wire phase; I love it

She crochets beautifully too. But these chairs really take the cake.

First, she found a couple of old chairs.

salvaged chairs
Start with the chairs

She primed them

primed chairs

And then painted them the brightest red EVER.

chairs painted red
The brightest red EVER

Then she lined the “seats” with chicken wire

chair seats lined with chicken wire
Chicken wire to hold everything together

And moss and filled them with dirt and planted them.

Two red chairs in a garden with plants growing from seats
Make yourself comfy!

Her email to me was titled “POP!” and they do – they would brighten up the darkest corner of any garden. As would this little tableau, which she sent to me last night:

cement snail sits on bed of blue marbles in a birdbath
Snail and birdbath tableau

On the list for flea markets this summer: old chairs with good bones, old birdbaths, and (always) vintage cement garden statues.

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  1. Love your chairs!! I have an old wicker rocker in the garage that I am planning on using in the same way. Beautiful job, and the red is awesome!

  2. Thanks SO much for posting this! I have a bench/stool that I wanted to do this with but wasn’t sure how to handle the seat part — CHICKEN WIRE! Of Course!! These are stunning!

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