Bloom where you’re planted

The original bathroom at the Schoolhouse had a cast iron tub. When the guys took the bathroom down (it was cantilevered out over nothing with no foundation), they threw the tub out the window. And there it stayed, for more than a year, all 200 or so pounds of it.

The Tub

Looking around at the grounds of our palatial estate (ha) trying to imagine the hairy eyeball the inspector will bring to everything, I decided the bathtub had to go. But where?

Right where it was.

Thank you, channel locks

Steve took the fixtures off it (thank you once again, channel locks). I chipped off the odd combination of caulk, tile, and grout that still adhered to it. We stood it up against the fence and leveled it with the legs on bricks.

Ready to rock and roll

Then we added three inches of drain rock, a bunch of dirt, and two gallons of horsetail ferns, which we love, but which are so unbelievably invasive they’re sold with big warning labels.

I know a bathtub planter is not for everyone – but I’m sure our inspector will love it as much as we do.

Horsetail ferns in cast iron bathtub
Bloom (or at least grow) where you're planted


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