Waste not

Here is the pile of crap we had accumulated over the past several months. Note that this is not ALL the crap we generated with our remodeling project, not by a long shot – just the last phase.

The Pile, Before

The pile included wood, pressure-treated wood, metal, chunks of cement, hardened grout, plastic piping ends, sheet rock, old roofing shingles – pretty much everything you can think of that would be used in a construction project.

We’d had haulers before but this time we wanted everything gone. Marcy’s Hauling did the job. They came with two trucks and sorted everything. The wood goes to one place to get chipped. The metal goes to another to get recycled. Hardly anything goes to the landfill. And if you’re an “up with girls” type like me, ya gotta love the fact that Marcy is running the crew AND driving the big truck.

The Pile, after

And at long last, we have room in the driveway for two cars!

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