Toxic waste dump (not)

Last weekend, in preparation for final inspection, we did a super big clean up of the yard and driveway, which led (as these things will) to a super big clean up of the shed, because we needed to sort and store all the scrap wood that had been hanging out all over the yard and driveway in the shed, instead of around the yard and driveway.

Truck full o' toxics

We’d been in the shed many times before but I had studiously ignored what I’d found. Last weekend, among other things, I pulled out:

  • Three gallons of anti freeze
  • Tons of old paint and stain
  • A very scary looking ancient (full) sprayer labeled “Herbicide”
A very scary canister

Now, time was, someone would have just dumped all this stuff in the creekbed, but thankfully times have changed. Instead, I checked – this is a very cool site where you can put in your zip code and find out where to take just about anything for safe disposal, from basic paper and plastic to paint and motor oil to pesticides and, yes, herbicides. One truck full o’ toxics headed for the local household hazardous waste disposal center!

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