Perfect Pillows Every Time

Throw pillows have always amazed me.

  1. First, there’s the name – throw pillows.  But you don’t throw them. They just sit there.
  2. Next, there’s their size – sort of in betweenish and poofy. But they go on a couch and what do people want to do on a couch? Nap, of course. And small poofy pillows aren’t the best for that.
  3. Then, there’s how much they cost. Seriously, $50 or $100 for a SMALL PILLOW? I have never gotten this. They are so easy to make. SO easy.

Years ago my husband complained about our throw pillows and I took an old down bed pillow and recovered it in the same cowboy barkcloth I’d used to reupholster the couch and the two smaller pillows. Comfy and substantial. BIG success where napping was concerned. And it looked great.

What did all this add up to where the couch for the Schoolhouse was concerned? A pillow making project, natch.

As I have confessed, due to lack of time and a desire for better quality than I thought I could achieve, I did hire the upholstery done this time around but I didn’t have the pillows made. They would have been better (like, the covers would have had zippers) but they also would have cost $35 each (see #3 above) and I just couldn’t stomach it when (#3 again) they are so easy to make. And you really don’t need zippers, because you can just throw the whole thing in the wash if you need to.

Here is my sewing machine. It’s a little tiny apartment-sized Singer I inherited from my grandmother.

My adorable little sewing machine

It fits in a case that’s not much bigger than the makeup cases ladies used to carry as part of a luggage set but it’s pretty powerful despite its size. It can go through four layers of pretty substantial fabric without a tangle.

Sewing machine case and sewing box

I used the same pillows I’ve had for years – two classic square throw pillows and one big down one – and just made new covers.

couch with pillows
large pillow on couch
Doesn't this big pillow just say "nap on me big guy"?

Next: how to make a pillow with piping


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