Making Mudpies, Take Two

Several weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to build some outdoor stairs out of rocks and dirt. My darling husband had a horrible cold and did not want to build outdoor stairs, so I did it by myself. When I was done he suggested helpfully that I should have dug a drainage channel underneath. If he were not generally very helpful and generous with advice (and such a good cook) this might have been irritating but I had a feeling he was probably right.  Of course, he was.

The thing is, when it rains, Monte Rio is about the wettest place on earth, and after two weeks of almost non-stop rain, here’s what my steps looked like. They had big craters in them. Huge craters. Ginormous craters.

Ginormous craters

The weekend before last we worked together to put a drainage channel under them. We dug it out and filled it with gravel and connected it to the drainage channel that runs alongside the house. It was fun and it only took an hour. Then we had another week of serious rain.

Drainage channel

Here’s what they looked like last weekend:

No ginormous craters!

And, no huge puddle by the house. Note to self:  drainage works!

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