Mapping the World

One of the things I did to relieve my frustration last year when my ankle was broken and I couldn’t work on the Schoolhouse was buy things on CraigslisteBay, and Etsy for the Schoolhouse.

It worked. It relieved my frustration (because even though I couldn’t work on the Schoolhouse I found a way to work on the Schoolhouse) AND we ended up with some really cool stuff.

One of the things I bought was vintage pull-down school maps.

Vintage pull-down school map of Asia
Vintage pull-down map

These can get ridiculously expensive if they are in pristine condition but if you shop carefully and are willing to accept some minor damage (like maybe an incomplete roller) you can still find them for a reasonable price. I didn’t go over $100 for any of mine.

Vintage pull down maps of Asia and Australia
The Australia one is mostly blue green and it is exactly the same color as the curtains. I would like to say that I planned this.

I am still kicking myself for not bidding more on the California one I spotted early on – I just didn’t know how rare they were. If you see one, please snarf it.  We are hanging them salon style, both to emphasize the high ceilings and to leave room for art underneath.


vintage pull-down map of Europe
Europe, with art underneath

The other thing I bought was vintage globes. Again, some people go nuts. As far as I can figure out, anything pre-World War II and made in Europe or art-Deco and made in the U.S. will cost you a fortune, or at least several hundred, which as far as I’m concerned is the same thing. Moon globes are also pricy.


Vintage globes
Globes, in descending order

But if you’re going to display them ten and a half feet above the floor, there isn’t a lot of point in paying top dollar for the super-collectible ones. I found some very cool old ones, several without Israel or with Persia instead of Iran (for example) for about $20.


Our Schoolhouse motif is coming together!

Now we need a chalkboard…



  1. Those are so cool! We love maps, but hadn’t thought of antique ones. I too love to come up with ways to work on my house when I can’t actually work on my house, and buying stuff is usually how I express it.

    They look awesome!

  2. Oh wow, do I love those maps and globes! We are decorating our house with a strong geographic theme, too. I’ve been thinking that pull-down maps would be really great to have. Do I also see framed postcards on your wall? Amazing; we a have a few of those up, too.

    Love the blog, Beth! We didn’t know you guys were blogging about the schoolhouse. We’ll definitely follow along. It looks great!

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