Moving, Plan B (or A, depending on how you figure it)

We were planning to move ourselves. In a lot of ways it made sense: in our academic years we moved ourselves several times, we’d already moved the beds, we have a truck, and it wasn’t THAT much stuff. On the other hand, there are some really heavy pieces – the dining room table (made of salvaged planks that are 2 inches thick), the teak outdoor table, the mid-century loungers – and enough to be several weekends’ worth. So for once, instead of insisting on doing everything ourselves, I convinced my husband to hire movers. For me, the queen of thrift, this was a big step.

But it didn’t turn out the way we planned. The movers were supposed to come between 8:30 and 9. At 9:30 I called them. They said we were scheduled for 1. I said no; they said yes – you get the general idea. I settled for 1 but said I wanted a call back at noon to confirm. It didn’t come. At 12:45 I called them. At 1 they called me back and said they thought it would be 1:30 to 2 but were trying to reach the driver. At 1:30 they called and said the driver was in Tracy (a good two hours away if the traffic’s with you). At 1:31 I told them not to bother. And THEY were mad at ME for canceling. Seriously? California Movers. Their references check out, but I do not recommend them.

So we implemented Plan B (which was actually Plan A), and piled up the truck.

Ford truck loaded with furniture
Moving, plan B (or A)

We needed the dining room table, because our dear friends Chris and Todd were bringing us dinner. We needed the living room set, because otherwise we’d have nowhere to sit for champagne and snacks. And we piled on a few other things too, like two of the mid-century ottomans I’m obsessed with and our collection of vintage globes.

Arranging the globe collection
vintage globe collection
The globes come home to roost

We’ll be hauling for the next several weekends, but for starters here’s us having snacks in the living area of the main room (I’m the one behind the camera):

Snacks and champagne with Chris and Todd

It is SO fun to experience the space in new ways!




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