Couches I have known and loved, or at least liked, sort of (part 2)

My second couch lust, after leather, was mid-century bentwood. I found this set at Elray of Delray in Delray Beach, Florida, where we go each year to visit my mother in law.

My second lust - mid-century bentwood

Delray and the surrounding area are a treasure trove for mid-century furnishings. I don’t know anything about the previous owners but I’m guessing they died because, let’s face it,  that’s how cool mid-century furniture ends up in junk shops in Florida. I didn’t think it would be worth it to have it shipped but it was actually  really cheap. I was going to do the cushions myself but came to my senses and hired a professional, Maureen, who I found on Craigslist and who did an amazing job. These cushions are cowGIRL barkcloth.

Mid-century bentwood with cowgirl barkcloth = heaven

They remind us of our old cowBOY couch but just look at the way Maureen matched the pattern on the cushions across the entire couch.

The couch

I did refinish the frame myself, sanding and scraping the peeling finish and then adding a couple of coats of honey pine satin tinted polyurethane.

I could not have done this

Of course, having such a cool couch for the Schoolhouse made me dissatisfied with the couch we had at home so I started surfing Craigslist again and almost immediately fell in love. I convinced Steve to buy this two-tone mustard yellow leather couch and sell our other one. The lady who sold it to us was moving into a vegan household where “they don’t believe in leather.” I hope she likes it because she was really a great sport. The new one weighs a LOT – she helped us load it and the three of us together barely got it out of her fourth-floor apartment and down the freight elevator and onto the truck. Then together Steve and I wrestled it into the garage.

Last night I sold the green couch to a lovely young woman who is very enthusiastic about it – much more enthusiastic than I ever was. Steve delivered it this morning since she didn’t have a way to move it.

Bye bye green couch! Vaya con Dios!

I hope she loves it and it treats her well and makes her and her friends happy.

Then all we had to do is figure out how to get the yellow couch from the garage into the house.

Fortunately, our dear friend Paul was coming over to pick up some wine.

Steve and Paul moving the new/old couch

And here it is!

Couch love

Now THIS is a couch a girl could love.

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