Couches I have known and loved, or at least liked, sort of (part 1)

The first couch I loved was a gorgeous mid-century leather couch that belonged to our family friends the McNichols. They were richer than we were and I didn’t know by how much but I knew that was why they had a leather couch and we didn’t. They had a standard poodle, Pluto, who was quite moody and who, left inside one day, chewed up the entire couch. They had it re-upholstered in the same rich maroon leather. Pluto went to live somewhere else. It looked kind of like part of this couch (the half circle part).

The first non-futon couch I owned was a folding foam coach kind of like this one that looked cool but after a few years would kind of slide out from under you while you sat on it. When Steve and I met we spent a lot of time making out on this couch and we would end up sliding on to the floor and laughing.

When we moved in together we decided we needed a new couch so that our friends wouldn’t end up on the floor but I was in graduate school and he was an artist and we had no money. None. The first couch we bought together cost $10. It was a big, overstuffed couch and we bought it from a couple who were older than us and were upgrading. It was huge and ugly – grey, but dirty and stained – but it was solid and super comfortable. I reupholstered it in vintage cowboy barkcloth (well, it wasn’t really upholstery – more like a big slipcover that I pulled tight and stapled underneath) and everyone loved it and it lasted more than 10 years.

I don't have a photo of the cowboy couch but here's Trout asleep on the cushions

We took it with us to Tennessee and Vancouver and then back to California. When our cat Bosco was getting old it started to smell and we thought it was Bosco’s fault. After he died I insisted on getting rid of it. I wanted a leather couch. Steve was worried the cats would rip into the leather so we compromised on a cheap leather couch off Craigslist as an experiment and took our cowboy couch to the dump. It turned out: (1) our old couch didn’t really smell, it was the dead mouse underneath it that did and (2) the cats left the leather alone.

The couch I liked but didn't love

We’ve been living with this couch for a few years now but I am not in love with it and never will be.




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