These are a few of my favorite snarfs

True confessions: I’ve done a lot of snarfing over the past year and a half. Now that we’re packing for the big move, I’m reminded of (a) just how much snarfing I’ve done and (b) how amazingly ridiculous it is that anyone ever pays full price for anything.

I love this art deco-decorated magazine holder, which I picked up for $5 on a trip to the last real Bay Area flea market
Canoe-shaped bookshelf

I bought this canoe-shaped bookshelf from Dan, who got laid off from a corporate job and now runs a furniture business off Craigslist. Someone actually got to it before me but then their roommate vetoed it – why? But I don’t really care since it means I got it. For $20.

Glasses for six, times two

If you squint, these look like the cool french ones that Crate and Barrel sells, but I got six each of three sizes for $9.99 at Marshall’s (actually I got 12 of each because I found two matching sets). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s 18 glasses for $9.99.

Anti-bug domes for outdoor dining

These were a phenomenal find at Ross – $5.99 for the big ones and $1 less for the small ones, turquoise mesh with cool vintage-y handles. I bought them all.


Starting to notice a color scheme? You’re not imagining things. I found a matching set of these five at Ross (not all on the same day of course) for about $30 total. Seriously, the biggest (which is BIG) was $9.99 and they went down from there.

And they match my beach towels - between Ross & Marshall's I've got quite the stack
Bushel baskets

What will the towels live in? Bushel baskets from Joanne’s, a place I normally try to stay out of – but I was there for fabric, and so were they, on clearance at $5.97 each!


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