In which we inaugurate the Schoolhouse proper

Originally we wanted to get the final inspection done before moving in, but it turns out the house has to be primed before we can pass inspection – and it’s still too cold up here in Sonoma County for painting.

Oh well! This weekend we started moving in earnest. We’d already brought up a pair of night stands and two bed frames. With one of the bed frames painted white, we’re ready for mattresses.

Despite my well-known devotion to snarfing, I find shopping for mattresses kind of like shopping for appliances – boring. So i didn’t. Instead, I checked out the tag for the mattress we bought a couple of years ago at home, which we both love, called the sister store in Santa Rosa, and ordered two in California King size to be delivered. The poor delivery guys were 4 hours late, having been to Danville, Gilroy, Mill Valley, and Bodega Bay before hitting Monte Rio, but they managed to get the truck up and down our hill in the dark without getting stuck, which was pretty impressive.

And so, we had our first houseguests – my sister Melanie, her boyfriend Danny, and my niece Linnea. We had beds but no table so I set up sawhorses and a piece of plywood covered in paper to eat on.

Setting the table

These guys have been stalwart fans of the Schoolhouse – Mel and her girls were our first overnight guests even before we had a house, as they came up and camped for 4th of July weekend last year. We figured that kind of devotion (not to mention willingness to hang with the porta-potty) deserved the first night in the new beds (not to mention the fact that we now have plumbing).

Bedroom #1 - note the reading lights, which I put up all by myself!
Bedroom #2, also with reading lights

With pizza from Andorno’s, Mel’s fabulous endive salad, and some celebratory champagne, we toasted the first of many family gatherings to come!

First dinner in the Schoolhouse!

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