Two things that you think will drive you absolutely batshit crazy until the third thing comes along

1. Things that don’t fit and it’s not your fault

I love our cabinets. I love the way they look. But seriously, the tolerances are professional level – like, 1/32 of an inch. Here is a top drawer, with a cutlery tray. I love the tray – but it fits so tightly in the drawer it catches on the screws that hold the handle in place. Who knew? As it turns out, all we had to do was countersink the screws (easy for me to say, since Steve did it)  but it would have been nice to know in advance that this would be necessary.

Cutlery tray on top of drawer
Yes, the tolerances are quite small

2. Holes that are too big for what’s supposed to cover them

True confessions – I screwed up one of these too, when I was cutting through the old 3/4 inch beadboard, which is kind of a bear. But seriously people, I’m new to all this. The Guys are supposed to be professionals. Again, ultimately not such a big deal – nothing that a little (or a lot) of lightweight spackle and a coat of paint won’t hide – but (one of my favorite Tennessee expressions) it irated me – until I got whacked upside the head with #3.

This was NOT mine

3. Test results that are not what you want them to be

There’s nothing like a less-than-ideal test result for someone you love to remind you that if you’re going to put your cranky pants on, for God’s sake do it over something that matters.

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