Straight talk about plumber’s butt

Here’s the thing about low cut jeans: cute though they are, they are totally useless if you spend your weekends clambering up ladders, crawling around on your knees, or sitting on the floor. Jeans that are fine when you’re sitting in an office chair just pull too far down when you’re kneeling down and bending over looking under the refrigerator for the screw you just dropped. And while I have dreams of looking cute and weekendy at some point, like the ladies in the Sundance catalog, right now, it’s all about work – and plumber’s butt is just not a good look for anyone, especially me.

Beth inside pantry cabinet
Me in my Levi's and fleece putting together the pantry cabinet

Notice that I’m wearing exactly the same thing in all these photos? This is my winter work outfit – ten year old Levi’s that actually come up over my hip bones and are already covered in paint and stain, one of the long-sleeved T shirts I’ve already ruined, and the $10 fleece I scored at Old Navy. I actually really liked this fleece, but then I got paint on it, so it joined the work wardrobe. And instead of ruining new clothes each weekend, I figure it’s cheaper to just add layers of paint and dirt to these.

Beth putting together Ikea stainless steel shelf unit
Me in my jeans and fleece putting together an Ikea kitchen shelf unit

From time to time I bring up a nice pair of jeans and boots and we go out for dinner but the fact is there’s been so much sawdust, damp spackle, and wet paint around here pretty much every item of clothing that comes up here leaves with a souvenir on it of one kind or another. So cute weekendy clothes will just have to wait!

Me in my jeans and fleece - AGAIN - with our kitchen island

But here’s the thing. Last Tuesday I got dressed for work – nothing too amazing, but slim black pants, boots, black shell, and cute cardigan. I walked into the bathroom to do my makeup and my husband (jaw hitting the floor) said “Holy shit! You look amazing!”

When a WORK outfit inspires that reaction from the man you’ve been living with for almost two decades, you know you’ve been spending too much time in your fleece and high-waisted jeans, no matter how much protection against plumber’s butt they offer.



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