These are a few of my favorite things (at Trader Joe’s)

If we’re headed north for the weekend, Thursday night is Trader Joe’s night. Sometimes I hit the hardware store as well but I always hit Trader Joe’s, stocking up on food for the weekend. We’re not big fans of prepared foods and we tend to cook from scratch, so there are a bunch of things I haven’t tried, and right now we’ve got limited equipment, so things like rice and pasta are off limits. When your cooking choices are a barbeque or an oven, the best things at Trader Joe’s are:

  • the baby broccoli (tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper, it’s great roasted)
Trader Joe's organic baby brocolli
Roast with olive oil, Panko breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, and pepper
  • the ready-made tube of polenta, the bruscetta, and the parmesan (slice polenta, put on cookie sheet, top with a tablespoon of bruscetta and a sprinkle of parmesan, and bake)
Polenta, bruschetta, and parmesan
An excellent combo - fast and easy!
  • the frozen croissants (we tried the pain au chocolat too but found them a little sweet)
Trader Joe's frozen croissants
Thaw overnight & bake in the morning - almost like waking up in Paris!
  • the refrigerator biscuits  are definitely a guilty pleasure and on a cold morning lovely with butter and jam – but there’s only so much two people can eat in a weekend
  • pork tenderloin or a chicken (both very well priced here and totally bake-able)
  • small bags of Tempting Trail Mix (stays fresh longer in small bags)
Trader Joe's Tempting Trail Mix
The perfect size for a two-person snack
  • the Jamesons – a shot under the stars is the perfect way to end a long, hard workday!
Nothing like a shot out under the stars at the end of a long day!

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