Back to the deck

Monday was a holiday, so we stretched our weekend for another workday. For once, it was not raining – it wasn’t even that cold. So we threw open the doors, set up the chop saw, and headed back out to finish the deck.

Stair railings

What was  left? The stair railings and the lattice that screens the underside of the house, a couple of tricky transitions, and the vertical Cumaru siding on the stairs, which I cut and pre-drilled last summer. Not a lot compared to the three decks we built, but each of those last persnickety details took time to figure out, cut, and place. As the light was failing at 5:30 Monday, we sunk the last screw. The only thing left to do before inspection is attach handrails to both sides of each stairway to satisfy our belt-and-suspenders inspector. Yes, this means we will be the only people in northern California to have a round, unimpeded handrail on the inside of BOTH sides of each outdoor stair railing, but you can’t argue with the county.

Rail cap
Rail cap and transition to lower stairs
Lattice screen on lower deck
Cumaru siding for stairs

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