Another DIY vacation

So, it’s chilly in northern California in late November and the Schoolhouse still doesn’t have heat, but we’re headed north anyway for another DIY vacation. We’ll bundle up during the day to work and at night we’ll be cozy in the Library, courtesy of an electric radiator. Our packing list includes a soldering iron and grinder for the zinc counter we’ll be manufacturing, two Talavera sinks, two faucets, the bathroom vanity, another quart of polyurethane, and a variety of other DIY ingredients.

Pull out garbage cabinet with Ikea handle
The handles are fine on the cabinets!

I’ve also got longer screws for the Ikea cabinet handles I’m using, courtesy of Bowlin’s Bolts in Berkeley, CA, which is so old school they don’t even have a web page. (The handles fit the cabinets fine, but on the drawers they have to go through both the drawer box and the drawer face, so the screws that came with them are about a half inch too short.)

Our activity list for the week is even more exciting: it includes the delivery of the appliances we bought months ago, which the Gourmet Appliance Outlet‘s been holding for us.

I don’t have a flip cam yet, but if you want to see what we’ll be doing, check out these cool videos, courtesy of Rotometals, where we bought our sheet of zinc.

Here’s the island where the zinc’s going to go:

Front of island showing salvaged wall paper mural
Kitchen island with salvaged bead board and wall paper mural
Side of kitchen island showing salvaged redwood
Side view

This is the side view of the island showing the salvaged redwood we used. It’s got knots and some mold and moss (hence the subtle green tint on some boards) that I’m hoping a few coats of polyurethane will preserve. And yes, I’m looking forward to the day when every photo doesn’t have a shop vac in the background!

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