Tenaya Lodge

It’s 7:31 on Sunday morning and it feels so weird not to be at the schoolhouse! Instead, I’m at a mountain wonderland called Tenaya Lodge just outside of Yosemite with my sister Melanie, who cleverly managed to get invited for a free weekend. We’ve explored the new spa, Ascent, which is gorgeous, learned about the Kimberly Parry and Benedetta skin care lines they use and been transformed with makeup from La Bella Donna. After doing construction every weekend this is truly an immersion in girliness and relaxation and truth to tell, I’m getting restless – I want to build something! I was thinking about this yesterday when one of the skin care specialists was telling me that as women, we spend time taking care of everyone else but never take care of ourselves, and that is why this kind of weekend is so important. I’m sure she’s right but at the same time, I think there are different kinds of taking care of ourselves – for me, there is nothing more fufilling than spending a weekend refinishing a piece of furniture or painting a room. But for sure, after a weekend like that, my skin doesn’t look as good as it did yesterday after a massage and facial! Today we’re going to take a nature hike and explore the southern tip of Yosemite before jumping on the road. But it’s not an entirely lost weekend where the schoolhouse is concerned: on the way up, we stopped at a cool little antique store in Oakhurst and for $20 I got a really cool willow branch shelf, which fit neatly into the magic back seat of my sister’s little Honda Fit.

Willow branch shelf in back of Honda Fit
Willow branch shelf

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