Adventures in kitchen design, #4

The next to last step in our kitchen design is the windows. Vincent had the brilliant idea of replacing them. But what to put there instead? At Restore in Santa Rosa, we find an amazing window with an amazing story.

Half wagon wheel window, about 8 feet long, in the truck
The window around which we designed our kitchen, in the truck

This window (along with a ton of others) came out of a fancy house in Napa: wife #2 didn’t care for the aesthetic choices wife #1 had made, and as a result, $133,000 worth of windows were donated to Habitat for Humanity. This is the last one. We buy it for $175 – a fraction of what it would have cost new.

We show a photo to Vincent, who groans  – the framing will prove to be a challenge. But we love it. Next stop, Sonoma PRMD, where, amazingly enough, we secure a change order in under an hour.  This weekend we picked the window up and brought it to the Schoolhouse. We also ordered  two other windows to fit around it. Our design’s done!

kitchen plan showing new windows
Kitchen wall, with windows

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